Healing Rifts

I was gratified today when I heard that Donald Trump is building bridges with the people he formerly spoke against, often harshly.  His mouth caused him lots of problems, and probably came close to doing him in.  Lately, I have been thinking about the flawed people around me that are also loved.  That observation is […]

Thoughts And Words

Have you been around someone for a day or so, and felt wrung out, depleted, and testy?  That is what happens to me when I am around a negative friend for any length of time.  Knowing what’s in store, I carefully prepare myself ahead of time.  I resolve not to get pulled into negative statements […]

Making Memories

My daughter-in-law is an amazing woman.  She knows how to make memories.  The grandchildren gathered at my son’s and her house this past weekend.  She had the weekend planned with lunch at Gatti’s, a pizza place with a game room, followed with a trip to the zoo and a train ride around the exhibits.  That […]

Asking Directions

Some of my family members (men, of course) are direction-challenged.  I’m sure they would not agree with my statement.  My brother asked directions to an old family cemetery as he returned to his home out of state, following the recent funeral of a family member.  He’s interested in genealogy and old cemeteries.  I told him […]

Giving Praise

My father’s generation had a specific mindset that was so prevalent that it can still be found today.  It is the idea that to compliment a child would be to corrupt them.  There was this vague belief a child couldn’t handle praise and would become spoiled and arrogant.  A parent wasn’t to be mean, but […]

Flawed But Loved

For two and a half hours they kept coming; the people who were there to pay last respects for this man lined up around the front of the funeral home and across the parking lot.  The family were about to drop with exhaustion from greeting each new face as they approached in the line.  The […]

The Deer Crash

I hit a deer tonight coming home from my sister’s house.  It was in the edge of town where street lights were bright, traffic was moderate, and I was least expecting it.  There it was, right in front of me.  I didn’t try to swerve, and directly hit it, knowing of cases where people lost […]

Despicable Race

“Now the presidential historians are saying this is the most despicable presidential election in US history,” writes a good friend and respected colleague today.  I agree.  Despicable.  That word pretty well sums it up.  I don’t ever remember a time when the general public doesn’t really want to vote for either candidate.  I wonder what […]