The Deer Crash

I hit a deer tonight coming home from my sister’s house.  It was in the edge of town where street lights were bright, traffic was moderate, and I was least expecting it.  There it was, right in front of me.  I didn’t try to swerve, and directly hit it, knowing of cases where people lost control of their car by swerving.  The deer lay down beside the road, and I thought it was dead.  A young man stopped to assist, asked me if I was okay.  I was.

The next act was to look after the deer, and then to see if my car was derivable.  The deer was still breathing, and my car seemed okay enough for me to get it home.  I called my son to come be with me and see me home.  The headlight and the hood were damaged.

Thinking the deer might need to be put down, I called the police for help in doing that.  When he came the deer had stood up a couple of times, fallen and got back up again.  The policeman refused to shoot him as long as he had three good legs, saying he could still get by with three legs.  My son disagreed, not wanting him to suffer, but I deferred to the judgement of the policeman.

We patch people up who are injured.  I prayed God would heal him quickly and sustain him.

Everyone left except for the policeman who said he would run the deer off into the scrub brush, and away from the highway.

How quickly and easily it is for situations to change, and sometimes it is out of our hands to do anything but to react in a responsible and mature manner.  I know God loves that deer.  I wish it hadn’t acted so impulsively by darting across a highway in front of me.