A Legacy

I saw her picture in the paper today.  The ARK Domestic Violence Shelter was giving the annual Coy Pullara Unsung Hero Award “to person or persons who have exhibited the same sort of hard work and compassion she embodied during her lifetime.”  She’s been dead for a few years now, but she had a profound […]

Telling a New Story

We’ve been doing some renovation and landscaping around the house lately.  The carpenter has been ill, so in his absence, I have been focusing on cleaning up flower beds and spiffing up the back yard.  The current undertaking is a an eight foot section of sun-faded wooden fence.  The kind that is six foot tall […]

Loving or Enabling?

I’m one of those people who like to help other people out.  It gives me pleasure.  But helping others can be tricky.  I was talking to a good friend today about just that thing.  She said she isn’t as eager to help others as she once was.  She said many people weren’t willing to help […]

Turning Over A New Leaf

It’s not even New Years, but I’ve recently looked over my life and decided I needed to get real about some things.  I’ve been on a steady decline in my personal life.  The things I knew I needed to do I would put off until tomorrow.  The tomorrows stretched into weeks, and then threatened to […]

The Dilemma

Many women work for years and finally get to a comfortable place in their life.  They no longer need to worry about paying the utilities or repairing the car with grocery money.  The relationship with their significant other settles into complacent routine.  That works well for most, and could be considered a contented love achieved […]

Living On Social Security

I don’t know how some of you do it, live on Disability, SSI, or Social Security.  One one hand, it is bare-bones with hardly enough on which to exist.  On the other hand, it is money people many years ago didn’t have each month, and would have been a grateful and welcome means of survival. […]

A Blank Mind

If you have followed me in the past, you will know I try to write each day, except for Sunday.  Well, today I either have writer’s block or just simply have an empty brain.  The latter may be possible.  I think back over my day and find nothing of much interest besides chores and the […]

Grass Burs–Texas Style

I was setting in Sunday School this past Sunday, and felt a prick on my leg as I squirmed in my seat.  (I squirm often due to either “restless legs” or from the tediousness of setting in a group of old people with differing ideas of religion.)  Reaching down, I plucked a grass bur from […]

Bygone Days

In bygone days before mesquite trees grew upon cleared land And houses few and far between, Back when the wild turkeys roamed through the valley below, and deer and a mountain lion or two weren’t so bold as to meander across the dirt roads where people hurriedly drove, When the black bats flew at dusk, […]


Call them rascals, bad boys, or the strong-willed, everyone knows of one or has faced the challenge of how to deal with them.  They don’t seem to set out to be that way, but their choices leave them at odds with authority and conformity to society.  They usually attract attention from others who would be […]