Telling a New Story

We’ve been doing some renovation and landscaping around the house lately.  The carpenter has been ill, so in his absence, I have been focusing on cleaning up flower beds and spiffing up the back yard.  The current undertaking is a an eight foot section of sun-faded wooden fence.  The kind that is six foot tall with closely spaced boards.  As usual, it came from a workman who was building a new fence for a client.  Through the years I have developed a habit of looking at old things and thinking about how to make something new or clever with them, a habit from not having the funds to go new and expensive, so I go used and unique.  It shows more imagination that way.

This fence panel is covering my ladders and other equipment out of sight behind the workshop.  It has been standing there for some years now, waiting for me to decorate it.  So I went on a scavenger hunt today.   I was looking for some interesting gears I had been saving, but it seems some scrap-metal hound has absconded with them to the salvage yard.  So I found some really neat hubcaps instead that will make beautiful flowers with long, flowing stems make out of scrap copper and gas appliance hosing (I had hid these pretty well).  The center will be round drawer pulls and the base to a wall lamp.  Maybe I should spray paint them yellow for a pop of color and leave the rest natural.

There will be a little metal house in the distance, with a road made from dominoes leading up to its door.  I will need to drill tiny nail holes in them before my husband catches me.  I may be  dead meat when he sees them on my fence…

An amber traffic light lens will become the sun, encased in wooden rays to help keep it in the air above the fence.  I haven’t decided whether to use a curtain rod for a tree or an actual branch with little metal leaves that dance in the sunlight. I would like to attach metal birds to a spring so they can “fly” in the wind.

The final project will become a country scene, a whimsical repurposing of items that are no longer what they once were.  They are still there in their original material and shape, but they tell a new story.  It puts me in mind of all kinds of people who come together to volunteer for a worthwhile cause, to help their “fellowman.”  Teamwork frames them into a new story, one of love and purpose.

It was fun day.  Being part of a team is fun, too.  It takes us out of our own story into a bigger one.