Bygone Days

In bygone days before mesquite trees grew upon cleared land

And houses few and far between,

Back when the wild turkeys roamed through the valley below, and deer and a mountain lion or two weren’t so bold as to meander across the dirt roads where people hurriedly drove,

When the black bats flew at dusk, ridding the countryside of pesky bugs for their meal,

There were back porches for sunrises, and front porches for sunsets, and the chance to set a spell with a friend.

In bygone days there was hay to put up in the summer and cattle to feed in the winter.

No need to ask a neighbor for help, they were already on their way to lend a helping hand.

When there was sickness or death people gathered around, the women carrying covered dishes to lift the burden of cooking.

In bygone days before television and technological gadgetry wooed us into becoming isolated islands, conversations and simple games kept us connected with our friends and loved ones.

We were not ashamed of the name of Jesus Christ, and when we said the Lord’s Prayer…”give us our daily bread”…we knew we did not live by bread alone, but by every element of creation that gives us breath, life and peace.

The bygone days have rushed past and that time is no more.  The black bats fly no more at dusk, and the flock of wild turkey grows smaller.

The wise person languishes not in things never to be recovered, but holds dear the timeless elements that will never grow old.

Loving and caring for one another, giving a helping hand in time of need, setting a spell with a friend, and recognizing God in our daily lives is indeed part of our daily bread for it nourishes our very souls and gives us strength to face each new day.