Difficult People

I live around some people that I “could literally pinch their heads off,” a saying I have heard from time to time about working with difficult people.  Usually that  denotes a great deal of frustration about reaching a good working relationship with someone.  They just don’t seem to be team players, working smoothly toward a […]

Old Women Holding On

A couple of days ago I talked about old men, and I said I would give equal time to old women.  Well, here goes.  Being of that species myself, I have observed how old women develop a need to hold on to things.  By the description of “things” I mean hair styles, clothes, attitudes about […]

A Beautiful Death

My brother-in-law died today.  He was surrounded by so many people: cousins, children, their spouses and grandchildren until the ICU waiting room was full.  He was a tough old guy with a quick temper, but many people loved him.  Before he passed, I went to see if my sister needed anything, and was accepted into […]

Old Men Behaving Badly

I have not done scientific research or reviewed a great number of cases, but from my limited observation many men revert back to juvenile behavior when they start getting up there in age.  I will present some examples from the men I have known who have behaved this way. My father changed after my mother […]

Daring to Love Again

Tessie, my husband’s cat, had been missing for a couple of days.  I went out last night and opened all doors to sheds, etc., in case she was locked in.  About noon my husband drove in from his morning of volunteering at a community outreach center; he was honking his horn all the way up […]

The Blueprint Of Humankind

It fascinates me when I have been mulling over a concept or inner knowledge, and I read someone’s work where they are able to put it in clear, concise words.  I go, “Yeah, that just exactly what I’ve been trying to understand and explain to myself!”  It’s like the knowledge had to travel up my […]

My Search for Pleasure

Sometimes I think I must be a magnet for drama, disputes, and unruly people, because they keep showing up at my doorstep.  I want to be compassionate and a safe harbor for those who are having difficulties, especially for my loved ones.  However, there are times I want to say, “Pack it up and take […]

Inner Formations

Recently, I received a magazine selling unusual jewelry.  I appreciate unusual jewelry, although I have as much use of them as a tit on a male wild boar hog, as my brother would graphically say.  The necklace was of exquisitely formed crystals inside a round, unspectacular rock orb, sliced in half.  The outside gives little […]

Seeing the Invisible

The last couple of nights have had full moons.  I have been drawn out to my back patio by some unseen, unspoken urge to rest in the splendor of the heavens.  I have been met with such peace and tranquility, feeling a sense of excitement rarely experienced by the outdoors, especially in darkness.  I could […]

The Words We Say

Times have changed.  When I was a teen and young person, my peers and I tried to be civil, positive and encouraging to one another.  That didn’t hold true for bossy big sisters and little brothers that always managed to get in the way.  Still, I don’t remember my words damaging anyone. Not so today.  […]

The Blame Game

Some people cannot take responsibility for their own actions.  Instead of taking an honest assessment and taking measures to correct a problem or an attitude, they blame someone else.  It was their fault.  The pain of being in the wrong is too nerve-wracking.  Maybe their childhood was too strict and they avoided punishment at all […]