Repurposing People and Things

I’ve always enjoyed being creative with old things such as furniture.  I guess it all started with not having the money for high-end merchandise, and settling for quaint and unique instead.  Quaint can be done on a budget and some creativity.  Unique can be quite valuable for those who haven’t a creative bone in their body and lots of money to spend for the unusual.  Just look at those decor shops in those high rent districts.  Yes, you will pay dearly for other people’s junk made over stylishly.

At this point in my life, I seriously would rather repurpose something old than buy new, except for the time involved in doing the work.  It is tempting to buy new, but where would I get the comments, “You did this?  How very clever of you!”

At present, I am finishing up several projects around the house.  And by the way, I find my carpenter has OCD!  I really appreciate a carpenter who is a perfectionist…  Anyway, one of the projects is an old set of cabinets (upper and lowers) from an auction several years ago.  I’ve been using it like it is as a buffet but with a cloth over the unfinished counter top.  I will route an opening in the upper doors and place glass in the openings.  Beaded ceiling boards will go on the backboard, and spindles from an old four-poster bed as decorative elements on the bottom and as supports between the units.  Similar antiques go from $450.00 to $2,100 on the internet.  I will have less than $100 in it when it is finished.  And it will be a beautiful piece of furniture.

Now repurposing people is a different story.  I have not been too successful at that.  They seem to be a certain way and tend to stay that way.  And that is good, because it provides variety and cuts down on the propensity to control.  Some people are beautiful specimens when they work out their gifts, talents, and God-directed purposes in life.  Others go about dragging their feet and actually digging in their toes against being harmonious with their calling.  They resist all efforts of others to get them to change.  However, I have seen the Holy Spirit pursue them to the point where they listen up, and get right.  I thought my father would never change, and I thought the Communist Wall would never fall, yet both of them did.  And in my lifetime.

My philosophy with people has been to value everyone, stay away from those who are not safe for me, accept my friends with faults and all, and learn from those who love life and others.  I even try to allow God to repurpose me where needed.  A life-lift could be beautiful like my buffet when it’s done.