Letting Go 2

Yesterday, I talked more about letting go of old projects that had run their course, and we best let go of them.  I’ve been thinking about the spiritual side of letting go, and I want to discuss a valuable principal I have learned about how prayer is answered and how God works with us.

I have learned how we can beat our heads up against a wall, cry, plead, promise, and get angry about a matter we want resolved.  We know God could take care of it in a twinkling of an eye, if He wanted to.  The trouble is, we will get nowhere by demanding He work according to our agenda and our expectations of what needs to be done.  No, we must follow His principles; we must do it His way.

The primary principle is to give up our control of a situation, to give up our alternate plan, our old ace-in-the-hole if something doesn’t work out.  The first time I realized this was when I got really miserable about a mental issue I have had for a long time from an abuse I had years ago.  I always had to fight with my emotions to be stable.  I remember crying out, “Lord, I’m tired of this.  I’m placing myself in Your hands and if You don’t catch me, then I will just go crazy and be institutionalized.”  A strange thing happened.  I heard His voice in my spirit, “My child, you are healed.”  I’ve never had the problem again, and its been 15 years.

Another principle is to let Him fight our battles.  Twice recently I have racked my brain about how to handle situations, the options not very appealing in either case.  Both times I have felt the Lord gently instruct me to let Him take up my case, and when I relinquished the feverish attempts to make it work out my way, I felt a burden fall from me, and I rested in peace.  Whatever happens I will know it is of His choosing, and that makes it okay with me.  (My greatest joys are in knowing I have pleased Him for I know His plans are far superior to mine.  And that He loves me.)

The last principle I want to share is to prepare ourselves.  When we let go of a situation, we can know that something will come along to fill that void.  It might be in any realm: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  We let go of worry, we get peace.  We get out of a bad relationship, we get a healthier one if we look to God.  We give up old physical habits, we get a better body.

So how can we prepare?  Pray and look for His answer.  Wait for His timing.  Clean out the clutter from our lives, sweep our “floors.”  Read the Bible for knowledge and wisdom.  Love the people in your path.  It will make a difference in both your lives.