Letting Go

I’m presently visiting at my son’s home.   Everything is neat and in its place.  There is no clutter.  I look in the freezer and there is only a week’s supply of food.  My daughter-in-law either throws stuff out or  gives it away–anything that is not used recently.

In contrast, I save favorite books, paperwork, last year’s crop of peaches in the freezer, clothing in different sizes, and lots of memorabilia.  There are stacks of “future” projects, or shall I say remnants of past dreams.  There are the former kitchen cabinets I once took out of a house that was being remodeled.  I could visualize a custom buffet in a prominent place in my dining room.  So far I have a board where the new counter top is to be with a cloth covering it.  Numerous books are stacked on the bar because the bookcases are packed full.  You get the idea…

I wonder if these projects represent dreams, and the resolve to see them through?  Tenacity is part of my character.  That is good if the original plan is from God, bad if it isn’t.  I think it is time for me to examine the source of these projects and chose a plan of action.  I find that I have been drifting into a state of avoidance, even escapism in refusing to clean out and organize my life.  No active plan leads to lethargy.  I try to call it other names, such as “waiting upon the Lord.”  That is good also, but being in a state of preparedness is a even better plan.  The virgins were prepared and had sufficient oil as they waited for the bridegroom to come. (Matthew 25)  To give up on future developments in the spiritual realm would be wrong.

My niece once was the object of the office gossip when she would go to the office dressed above her level of duties, and was conscientious about her work.  She said she was prepared to accept higher responsibility; it was noticed and appreciated by her superiors.  I have been mulling over the idea if that concept would hold true in the spiritual world.  We certainly need to be free of extra baggage and ready for change.  Remember the man who said he would follow Jesus but he first needed to go home and bury his father (who wasn’t dead)?  (Matthew 8:21)  Jesus told him to let the bury bury the dead.

So here is my plan:  1) ask God about each project, whether it was my own idea or His.  2) LET GO of mine, and be faithful with His.  I’m sure its okay to keep personal treasures and memorabilia in their place as points of pleasure.  3) Tend to personal health and responsibilities.  4) Tend to relationships.  5) Be ready for the next move of God in my life.

I think it will take my greatest tenacity to get my life to resemble that of my daughter-in-laws, but I have a head start on her.  My first move was filling the storage space for the cloth top in our convertible as well as the back seat; now it would take several trucks.  Maybe I could eliminate a truck load a month until I have downsized to meet my spiritual requirements…