I was so glad I was away from home visiting with a younger grandson when I got the call.  It gave me to chance to collect my thoughts and plan my reaction.  The call told of a recent betrayal by someone close to me.  I wasn’t surprised.  I had seen the little red flags, but I always want to believe the best until I find otherwise.

How do I feel?  Sad.  Like I lost something.  Trust.  But what I thought I had, was it an illusion of my own desires?

One thing I know: no one is perfect.  By discovering greater imperfections in another, does that make them less valuable?  When I think about Jesus going to the cross for our failures, I immediately know I cannot judge the value of another person.  He forgave, we need to forgive others as well.

But something has been lost.  The intimacy of our relationship.  There is something worthy between two people who share a special bond.  It is so special it requires integrity.  Integrity not to hurt the other person, a loving responsibility to think of the other person before our own self-seeking agenda.

Betrayal is a wound against our own integrity.  This is a world of seeking “me…me…mine…I deserve…”  Only when we can rise above self-centeredness can we experience freedom to evolve into love, compassion, and responsibility with others.  The price is too high to pay otherwise.  Sadly, so many people don’t know what they have until it’s gone.