I’m Back!

Sorry for the long delay.  I had trouble editing my site on the road.  We got back two days ago, thanks to the driving help from my grandson.  As I started to catch up on my blog writing, I discovered my computer was down.  I went through the internet company long enough to realize it was the router.  I was on my way to buy a new one when my neighbor said he had a old one I could have.  Wanting to save a little money, I brought it home and tried to set it up.  I got all kinds of nasty messages, and 401 and 404 statements.  My friend said the state on Indiana was out of internet access, to wait for awhile to see if that was the problem.  Well, this morning, I got to work on it again.  I went through router sites and then host sites.  Of course it didn’t recognize my password anymore, so I did that for awhile.  Finally, at suppertime, I am ready to write, but I’m tired.

I never liked computers in the first place, and have struggled to deal with them ever since I figured I would have to be somewhat proficient with them to live in this century.  I have a list of people to call in a computer emergency:  my friend, Laurene, but she was out of town; my son who has mostly said he would be hard pressed to help me if he wasn’t looking at my computer screen (and then tactfully disappeared), my neighbor who growls at me a lot, and my five year old grandson (just joking).  However, a teenager friend did fix the router problem.  I am grateful to all the people who remained friendly and courteous through my computer crisis.  I can imagine them going home and saying, “You wouldn’t believe that crazy lady I helped today…”

I have some interesting ideas of future blogs jostling around in my mind, so check back in with me daily.  Glad to be back.