Road Trip!

I’m traveling again.  This time to a class reunion several states away, and while I’m doing that, I will stop in to visit with several of my brothers and my sister in Northwest Arkansas.  Yes, that is the home of Wal-Mart.  And yes, I went to school with the Walton boys (from Wal-Mart fame).  And no, I’m not in touch with them, although one son and his wife ran the store in Bentonville for several years and was open and friendly.

My grandson is helping me drive.  I put the old Buick in the garage this past week and had the brakes and shocks checked out.  It cost me a pretty penny to get it road safe, but it at least doesn’t rock down the road like a boat over choppy waves.

Our family reunions are hard to put together now.  My older sisters have trouble riding, and other siblings have other issues. And another issue has surfaced.  Lack of space.  You would think that our homes would be more empty than ever since our children have left home, but they come back and they bring more with them!  During reunion times, all the bedrooms are taken, as well as the couches and the basements.

My husband is amused that we have different pits of conversation.  There is the living room with the comfortable couches, but that will only accommodate eight to ten people.  The dining table, a favorite of mine, usually has rotating seating for 10 or so.  He says he can’t understand how we can sit for hours, talking around that table.  I tell him we must catch up with what’s happening, gossip about other people, and reminiscence about the past.  That takes time.  And we can groan when a favorite brother goes back for the fifth plate of goodies.

And then there’s the back yard.  The parents with busy children usually sit back there, yelling for the children to shut the door as they go to and fro through it.  They also comfort the bruised knees and the disagreements among the cousins.

I will be gone about six days.  I will try to keep up with my blogs, but I can’t promise anything.  Just don’t forget me.  I’ll be back.