Missing Blog

I will wait for a couple of days to write the next blog, as I am traveling on business.  My husband suggested I write on politics, but I quipped back that I was already writing on religion, and I didn’t think anyone could handle politics as well from the same person.  Besides, I don’t like […]

Room With a View

My bedroom has four windows, two that face a side road, and two that face the back patio and the panoramic view of the valley beyond.  I keep the blinds closed on the windows that face the road, and the blinds half closed toward the patio.  There is complete privacy unless someone was to press […]

Dealing With Bullies

Finding a good way to deal with bullies, and still stay within confines of Christian behavior has been a lifelong struggle for me.  My first inclination is to give back as good as I got, but that would put us both on the same negative level, a hot-head arguing with an imbecile.  Ignoring them opens […]

A Modern-Day Mary

I must confess, in regard to the Bible story about Mary and Martha, I must be Mary.  She was the one who sat at the feet of Jesus listening to His every word while poor ole Martha was stuck in the kitchen with her pots and pans, trying to get a meal ready for everyone.  […]

The Great Auto Debate

My son and his family visited us today, and we had supper together.  We were all talking when the subject came around to the new (old) pickup my son recently bought.  Before I relate the following conversation between my husband and my son, I want to explicitly express that their opinions are not mine.  When […]

Survival Mode

It’s almost bedtime and I’m wracking my brain for something inspirational to write about.  Nothing comes to mind.  Now, I had previously decided to always write about things that uplift or give thoughtful insights into everyday things.  Most of us are surrounded by everyday things, and we don’t take time to savor and inspect them.  […]

Mothers and Other Matriarchs

Most young women don’t start out intending on becoming family matriarchs.  It just happens.  One year they are starting a career, dating, going to college, or simply trying to convince their parents they need a little more time before launching out into the world.  At this stage, most young women are sweet, fun and trying […]

Finding the right balance

This morning the words to a song “pour out my contempt on my pride” caught my attention.  I knew just what they were talking about.  There are times I get to feeling pretty good about myself.  Then a little red flag comes up, and I laugh at my self-importance.  Then I give myself a shot […]

Judging by appearance

The other day a friend and I sat down  to catch up on each others lives this past year.  As I told her about my recent projects and interests, she said, “Wow, I would have never expected all these words coming from your mouth!  Internet gaming, starting a new book, board game, speaking at a […]

Playing games

Games are for kids, or for people who have nothing better to do.  That myth follows us responsible people who think we need to be doing productive stuff, like making a living or pursuing a calling.  It takes away from time better spend, we grumble.  But does it? Research shows people are more productive when […]