Spoken Words

Many of you will think I have lost my mind, but, today, I want to talk about the words we speak .  My family has recently been caught up in a situation where the truth has not been evident, and the outcome has the possibilities of being damaging.  Not being able to do much about it until the process works itself through, it leaves one with a trapped feeling.  The matter is in other people’s hands.  We must trust that truth prevails and justice is made evident.  I think there is a scripture that says, “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”

Driving to church this last Sunday, I took inventory of “having done everything” to see if I was ready to stand.  I had my legal documents ready.  I was prayed up, and I had been working on my attitude.  I listened to a sermon on the radio about Jesus speaking to the wind, the tree, the mountain, and why didn’t we do the same?  Scripture says to do it.  But that is holy roller stuff (sorry if I offend)…  The preacher’s reasoning was that if the world was created by His Word, then why couldn’t we sustain His promises (and truths) by speaking them out to situations?  Hmmm, had a point there…

For years I have been careful not to speak negative words about situations, believing they might have some power to do bad things.  Besides, it was just easier saying what good could come.  I remember a doctor saying my husband might have to be transferred to a long-term-treatment nursing center.  I left the room, and went to pray, “Okay, Lord, I heard his opinion.  Now let me hear Your opinion.”  I just felt a peace, and I confidently returned to the doctor, and said, “You need to try something else, because he will be going home from here soon.”  The doctor looked a little surprised, and to my surprise, listened to me.  My husband went home within a few days.

Back to my “standing” inventory, I asked Him to give me a scripture that I could speak out loud to the current problem.  He gave me 2 Cor. 10:5, to take captive every pretense that raised itself up over His truth, and to make it obedient to Christ.  Well, that pretty much addressed the problem, and gave the solution.  Now, I can stand.  And step back and peacefully watch Him work.

Yes, we Christians can be a little weird at times.  But we should be walking with one foot here on earth, and one foot in heaven.  We are the bridge between the two worlds.  I have theology to back that up, but you’re right, I’ll save that for Sunday School.