Finding our Shelter

My kitten went missing a couple of days ago.  Now, I had mixed feeling about this departure.  I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.  She had already suffered great loss.  Her mother got run over by a car, and her three siblings were taken to the animal shelter.  She was the only one left of her family, so she hid.  It took some doing and patience to tame her.  She was the perfect kitten, but she was so ACTIVE.  She reminded me of a child who had ADHD, always blowing at full speed.  If she couldn’t find something to chase, she would knock items down on the floor, and make toys out of them.  When I thought something might have happened to her, I felt a sense of relief amid the sadness.  Of course, maybe someone picked her up and took her home with them…  I had been a good Mama.  The peace and quite were welcome.  (Did I say that she constantly wanted to be in my face?  I couldn’t stand that.)

This morning, it just came to me if I checked out all the outbuilding, I would find her.  And find her I did.  She was tucked up under a tarp covering a project in my back yard, so scared she would hardly come out.  Several thunderstorms had come through our area, and she hid from all the rain and thunder.  She wasn’t alone.  A neighbor’s dog, Reuben, came into our house and refused to leave.  We had to go get the neighbor to get him out.  Reuben does that occasionally when other neighbors start target practicing.  He hates loud noises.

It put me to thinking.  Where do we run for shelter when we feel threatened?  The writer of Psalm 91 said, “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge, and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.'”  We don’t all do that, not right away, that is.  Many people born in poverty amass huge houses, expensive cars, and the latest and the best of everything.  Others run to  alcohol or drugs.   Still others seek out relationships.  All these things fill the hurting gap for a season, but still the void, the vacuum is still there.  The wise ones go looking for lasting answers.  The living water that doesn’t need to be refilled.

I know where the answer is, but I usually take a detour getting there.  I try to figure out the answer with my intellect, or go to others for their advise.  Then, a small voice tells me, “Have you talked to the Lord about this?”  Of course not, that would be too easy and take less energy.  Problems take effort to solve, I reason.

Going to the Lord directly also takes a great deal of courage.  It means laying down what I want, and the way I want it.  I’m always suspicious of those prayers that direct God in how to solve the problem.  Yeah, like I’m smarter than God…  When I finally come to the place when I say, “God, it’s in your hands,” do I feel like all is well with my soul.

Now, if I can wait until the kitten grows up…  She won’t let me get out of her sight.  I’m glad she’s back.