The Universal Food–Eggs

I just made quiche tonight for the first time.  I’ve eaten it occasionally to know I like it, but it isn’t in my list of favorites to cook like lasagna, Mexican foods, and to-die-for divinity fudge.

You see, I’m just a country girl, and understand basic cooking.  I’m from Texas.  I can visualize a cowboy coming home for supper and saying, “Ma, what’s to eat?”  I can imagine him thinking steak and potatoes, a beef roast, or something peppered with chili powder.  But I can just see his face when wife says, “Hello, honey, we’re having quiche!”

“What the (blank) is quiche?”  He searches his brain to see if he’s being punked, or if he’s being punished by something he can’t recall doing or not doing.

“Oh, honey, you will recognize it.  It’s just milk, cheese, peppers, onions, and a few other things.  It’s just wrapped in bread.  Well, you might say its in a pie-shell form of bread.  About the same stuff that is in tacos.”  (Like that will help him eat pie for supper in place of steak and potatoes…)

Eggs are one of those perfect foods, rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.  The internet dictionary lists 16 ways a person can cook an egg: boiled, poached, soft boiled, sunny-side up or regular fried, scrambled, deviled, egg salad, eggs benedict, eggnog, eggs and meat tortilla, omelet, quiche and two more.

Eggs and rabbits are very desirable for Third World Countries.  They don’t cost a great deal for households to raise for food for themselves or for a supplement in income.  They can be transported easily (just ride a bus in Mexico), and don’t require refrigeration for their produce.  Just eat right away when gathered or killed.  They are reproducible in a short time frame.  And both species eat scraps from the table or a nearby restaurant.

Other desirable foods are potatoes, beans, and rice.  Whole continents have survived on those foods.

Thank God that He gives everyone access to some kind of food that will help them survive even in hard times.  The hard part is when humans cut off that access from others, or don’t plan ahead like the ant does in the summertime.  Other humans must then fill in the gap, and distribute His love in the form of food.