Room With a View

My bedroom has four windows, two that face a side road, and two that face the back patio and the panoramic view of the valley beyond.  I keep the blinds closed on the windows that face the road, and the blinds half closed toward the patio.  There is complete privacy unless someone was to press their nose up to the outside of the window glass.  We live in the country where a neighbor has a sign on his gate, “Anyone found here at night will be found here the next day.”  He’s a sweetheart, but people just don’t wander around out here.  I digress.

When I first started leaving the blinds open, it was to allow natural light to enter.  As time went by, I discovered that something entirely unexpected was happening.  The view was feeding my soul.  God’s creation was just outside my window in all its variations, splendor, and drama.  Early in the morning, the rising sun foretold its coming splendor by bright crimsons, ambers, and reds even before it broke over the top of the distant mountain beyond the valley.  Any fleeting clouds in the sky amplified the spectacular drama.  It all provided a backdrop for the silhouetted live oak trees that flanked the rim of the hilltop just past the patio.

I’ve always thought there wasn’t a more regal sight than a clump of mature live oaks, fanning out like a giant umbrella, each of their limbs fighting to find sunlight, thus twisting and gnarling toward the sky.  At this time of the morning they are just a black silhouettes.  As the day advances, so does my fascinating scene.  Limbs cast shadows, dancing against the windowpanes.  The low mountains in the background are hazy blue/purple.  They forecast any approaching rain by slowly disappearing from sight, covered by the moisture in the air.  Rain cleans any dust from the patio and glistens off the leaves and the curving sidewalk that skirts the small fish pond.

The seasons come and go outside my window.  An occasional snow is magical.  I remain inside, cool in summer, warm in winter.  I am reminded of Ecclesiastes, where the Preacher says things come and go, but nothing really changes on the face of the earth. Therefore, not to worry about the trifles that accost me, but to spend my energy on the relationships in my life.  They are the only things that have lasting consequences.  I am comforted and nourished by my view.  God is right there.

And daily, when I am aroused from sleep by the splendid wakening of the day, I look out and say, “Good morning, Lord, what a wonderful day!  What do you have for me today?”