Finding the right balance

This morning the words to a song “pour out my contempt on my pride” caught my attention.  I knew just what they were talking about.  There are times I get to feeling pretty good about myself.  Then a little red flag comes up, and I laugh at my self-importance.  Then I give myself a shot of humility to stave off any approaching arrogance.  Could anyone else see this happening from the outside looking in?  Nah, I keep a pretty close check on my ego, for I have learned that it is much better to catch oneself from falling off the porch than falling off the rooftop.  Less bruising to the ego…

There is a balance to living comfortably in one’s skin.  On one hand, we need to know we are valuable in our creator’s opinion.  We are told we were “fearfully and wonderfully made” even before we were conceived.  It’s good to believe in our own good value. It’s even better to recognize and appreciate value in others, to give them a helping hand, and rejoice in their good fortune. In spite of what some would believe, we are not individually the center of the universe, there’s others here with us…  On the other hand, we can get so full of ourselves and our skills, beauty, knowledge, or whatever, that we consider ourselves our own god and creator.  Just take a look at the people who build images and identity to further their careers.  As long as they don’t believe their own press, I guess they are doing okay.

I mentioned the shot of humility earlier.  For me, it’s an assessment of my character and belief system.  My soul recognizes the creator’s standards of truth and righteousness; I instinctively know what is  right and good.  I know my boundaries and capabilities.  And I know I can do nothing by myself.  I know I did not create a world with the right amount of oxygen, water, the right habitat that a human body like mine can exist within.  Something or someone else is greater than I am.  Armed with that knowledge, I can laugh at any feeble attempts I might make to be autonomous.

And that leads to the good part.  I am so honored and excited to part of something greater than myself, to travel down a road of adventure and new beginnings for this world.  Thankfully, I only need to keep up my end of things, and not carry along the burden of being greater than I am designed to be. I wouldn’t make a good god, it’s too lonely.