Playing games

Games are for kids, or for people who have nothing better to do.  That myth follows us responsible people who think we need to be doing productive stuff, like making a living or pursuing a calling.  It takes away from time better spend, we grumble.  But does it?

Research shows people are more productive when they are refreshed. They get more done in a shorter time than if they have been buried deep in work for hours.  Our bodies, minds, and being are wonderfully created, and need a balance between food, sleep, work, relationships, and other things I can not think of right now.  Having fun is one of those divinely and cleverly disguised plans for us to learn, refresh, exercise, and to form and nourish relationships.

Ever watch children playing? Of course you have.  And you will see them role-playing for future jobs.  A girl and a boy (if the girl can get the boy to join in) tend to a baby and a house, another “nurses” a sick child, and a group plays “soldiers.”  Remember that song, “Mothers, don’t let your boys grow up to be cowboys?”  How else but to stop them from role playing…silly song.  Children are trying on roles and learning skills.  And mama has them out of her hair for a little bit.

And then there are grown-up games: leisure games, bridge, chess, crossword puzzles, dominoes; competition games, sports of all kinds;  and games one can play by oneself, such as solitaire and internet video games. The trick to choosing a game is finding one suitable to your lifestyle and how long you want to play.  A 45 minute game of dominoes usually is about right for my guests.

I think the greatest common denominator for most games is that they are shared.  People relate, get to know one another, laugh and have fun. What better way to be involved in community.  We are joined together in humanity.  The spiritual church is a collective body of believes, no matter their doctrine or culture.  I know some will take me to task with the use of the word doctrine, but I’m not going down that road.  These articles are for all people who wish to read them to find the common denominator of love for one another, not the points of conflict.

Anyway, through games we can spend time with one another and grow closer.  There are so many voices of rage, doubt, fear, and hours of stress.   We need an occasional respite into play.  And it is a great way to bridge the generational gap by learning and playing with the younger set.