Using the computer

Where’s my grandson when I need him?  It’s common knowledge that the youth of this generation knows their way around the computer keyboard.  How did they learn these skills?  Osmosis of just being around computers in the classroom?  Or from gaming?  It is as useless as trying to figure out why the sun rises each morning.  Anyway, my grandson wasn’t to be found.  He had grown up and joined the Army.  I was stuck with making that computer work myself.  All I needed was to open an account and send a newsletter to everyone I knew, telling them they would have to request my blog themselves.  If I solicited it directly by email, it would be considered spam, and I could be in trouble.  In my past experience being in trouble meant more tangible consequences, but this is a new age and I could envision the internet police swooping down on me.  Wonder what they would look like?  Would I recognize them from their tech-style uniforms?  (My imagination runs away from me.)

After several attempts and encounters with terms I didn’t recognize, much less know what they meant, I slunk to my Skype page and asked my friend Laurene what box to check.  I was ashamed to be so ignorant and needy.  But my friend, who I am convinced is working on sainthood, offered to share my screen on Join Me and help me out.  She zipped through several features and I gratefully watched as the arrow roved over the page.  There, all good, she said, I would need to do it next time.  I would certainly try, I resolved.

I find that people around my age group are divided into two or three camps.  Those who say they have no desire to learn the computer, and those who tackle it head-on and figure it out.  There is a middle group whose children have enticed them into learning simple stuff like getting pictures and having conversations with the grandkids.  My neighbor, who is in his 80’s, bought a book a little above the Dummy series, and now is fairly proficient.  My other neighbor had so much trouble learning to navigate the pages that her daughter had to write the process down for her.  I noticed the other day that she was venturing over into YouTube to look up information, and handling it like a pro.  Good for her!

One thing I know…God meets people through the culture in which they live.  Never before has cultures changed so rapidly, and information along with it.  This doesn’t catch God by surprise, but it does some people.  They think the younger generation must approach God as they did.  Not going to happen.  If us more seasoned (and hopefully wise) people want to find a bridge between the generations, we must learn to accept and connect with them.  Surprisingly, what we fear isn’t always true.  There are some good people out there on both sides of the fence.