The importance of encouraging friends.

Have you ever gone about your daily tasks and really looked at people about you? Each one seems to be the center of their own universe. Some may look up, and if you acknowledge them in some way, you may even get a smile in return. A person can feel alone and not worth much if the self-esteem is poor. At best, we are part of an ever-moving humanity pursuing our agendas, with encounters on a more intimate level with our friends and loved ones.

I visited with two friends today that brought back to me the importance of affirming one another. Melody, a former professor, had been instrumental in my getting my first writing job. We hugged, talked, and caught up on mutual activities during the past year. She exclaimed over each milestone I had reached as though it was her own victory. We laughed and chatted until she had to meet another of our friends. I tagged along to his office, and brought my new book to him. Once again, we all greeted each other like precious treasures. When I left I felt important, recognized, and appreciated. I wonder if my feet touched the ground until I got to my car.

These two people know the secret of being a part of God’s family. To accept, love, and nourish each other in spite of shortcomings provides the unity of the divine family He gave us.

I thought of how we learned to be part of humanity. As babies, our parents look into our eyes and pull us into this new world and make us want to be part of it. Especially with those big kisses, hugs, and weird noses the big people make. The baby is recognized, affirmed, welcomed and encouraged. As we grow older, let us not forget there are little children inside us that still want the same thing. My wise friends today live with this as part of their lives and in the way they treat others. Thank God. May I do the same.