Deal Breakers

I read somewhere recently that one out of two children today will have parents that divorce before they reach 18 years of age.  Imagine the trauma and hurt experienced by both children and parents alike.  Sometimes it is the children who suffer the most, and carry that “filter” perspectives forward into their adult lives and […]

Transparency, Part 2

By the time most of us reach adulthood, we have gotten proficient at wearing an identity mask.  We carefully present an image of how we want the world to view us.  It can be multi-faceted.  We look a certain way, we talk a certain way, we choose acquaintances that reflect our social identity.  Does this […]

Transparency, Part 1

Transparency would not have been the topic I would have chosen to discuss, but it has surfaced a few times recently to the point that I went looking for answers.  It seems to be somewhat illusive and complex in nature, and I don’t fully have a good handle on it yet.  Maybe it will be […]


If you ask an old couple for the secret of their long marriage, you will get varying answers.  My son and I were talking about this very thing today.  What are the foundation blocks to a good marriage, or relationship for that matter?  He said he saw three things: 1) love, 2) being equally yoked, […]

Telling the Truth

Is there a sure-fire way to tell if someone is telling the truth?  Not according to the Supreme Court ruling of 1998, the National Academy of Science in 2003, and backed up by the American Psychiatric Association, who have all stated that there is no scientific proof that a machine or interviewing process can establish […]

The Christian Brand

I’m having a dilemma over labeling products as being Christian.  I am told that an object cannot be a Christian object, only people can be called Christian.  One man I know goes so far as saying he is a “Jesus follower,” because the name Christian has become tainted by misuse over the past several years.  […]

Finding The Balance

If point zero is the dividing line between negatives and positives (think Algebra), then I’ve been on both sides of the line.  I’m referring to emotional balance, self-esteem, and all the trappings that go with it.  I have struggles with failures, missed dreams, discrimination of all sorts enough to understand the negative field.  I have […]

Spoken Words

Many of you will think I have lost my mind, but, today, I want to talk about the words we speak .  My family has recently been caught up in a situation where the truth has not been evident, and the outcome has the possibilities of being damaging.  Not being able to do much about […]

Finding our Shelter

My kitten went missing a couple of days ago.  Now, I had mixed feeling about this departure.  I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.  She had already suffered great loss.  Her mother got run over by a car, and her three siblings were taken to the animal shelter.  She was the only one […]


There is the old saying, “If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.”  Well, look out, Superwoman is on her way…!!! I pondered my day, looking for something witty, inspirational, or just interesting to talk about.  All I could see was at least five pretty big problems crop up, one after another.  This […]

The Universal Food–Eggs

I just made quiche tonight for the first time.  I’ve eaten it occasionally to know I like it, but it isn’t in my list of favorites to cook like lasagna, Mexican foods, and to-die-for divinity fudge. You see, I’m just a country girl, and understand basic cooking.  I’m from Texas.  I can visualize a cowboy […]