My tech day wasn’t over—the printer wouldn’t work.

Just when I thought I would escape into my comfortable chair after supper, my husband reminded me that the printer wasn’t working. He needed a document printed and returned to a business contact. (Groan) so I reluctantly spent the next three hours downloading updated software for the printer and making it work. It printed other papers, but not his. “Printer not responding”… I tried everything, but no printing. I even tried to move it to a Word file so I could print it there. Didn’t work.

At this point I’m wondering what an old lady like me is doing messing with computers in the first place, and second, why I don’t take classes to learn how to do all these little issues that I drive my friends nuts about.

Well, not this time. I would contact the support service. It wasn’t midnight yet and they were still open. Does any company stay up until midnight to help people they don’t even know bought the machine from them (I’m a second user)? No problem, just had to get past the reps strong accent. We remained patient with each other, and he helped me print out the document. Success!

So that was my tech day. Funny thing, though, I felt like I’d done another full day’s work, and I was hungry. I rummaged through the frig. and found a bowl of mashed potatoes. Heat it up and threw in some shredded cheese and onions, and finally found my chair. Whew…