Learning new things

I know how to do many things—but most from years gone by. Experience is good, but culture is constantly changing. A person my age must make a choice. I can stay in my comfortable world (I don’t worry anymore about how I can pay the utility bills), or I can forge ahead and interact with the rest of the world. I have been given much—the investment of other people’s time, an education that’s paid for, wonderful friends, lots of experience (wisdom and knowledge)—and I feel a sense of gratitude and compelling urge to share or give back to my community and my creator. In order to do this, I must get abreast of modern technology.

This last week I have set up a website, joined Twitter, made a separate Facebook Page, and set up a blog site, and established a GoFundMe account for the community ministry in which I’m involved. Now I must be honest, I spent days at a hit-and-miss process of trying to do this and got VERY confused. My friend, Laurene, came to my rescue and put it all together. She probably corrected some mistakes along the way, too. Anyway, now I need to learn how to use all this modern stuff!

Come join me each day or two and read how I am doing. If you would like, show this blog site to another “older person” and they can come along on this adventure with me. See you soon.