Using our provisions wisely

We live comfortably.  We aren’t exactly keeping up with the socially elite in our community, but we get by.  Growing up poor, I have a small nagging voice deep inside my psyche that says, “You know all this could fall apart in an instant if something devastating happened to this country.”  I don’t think I […]

Why are we afraid?

I didn’t sleep too well last night. I had a kitten in the bedroom with me.  A kitten in a live trap.  And it didn’t like where it was, so it meowed until it got too tired, rested and meowed again off and on all night. It had a towel in the cage, water and […]

Learning new things

I know how to do many things—but most from years gone by. Experience is good, but culture is constantly changing. A person my age must make a choice. I can stay in my comfortable world (I don’t worry anymore about how I can pay the utility bills), or I can forge ahead and interact with […]