Covid-19 and Life as Usual

I had a nightmare last night.  I’ve been having them often lately.  They bleed over into my day, and I strive to untangle myself from their emotional pull throughout the morning and  often into the afternoon hours.  I don’t remember the details usually, but the emotional stress and tension drags at me.  They are froth […]

Sing a New Song

There’s a commercial on TV where an older woman says “they say a person gets to an age where they don’t care (about their appearance) anymore.”  She tosses her head and says, “I wonder what age that is…” She is right, a person can get so bogged down in doing what is expected of them, […]

The Right Diet for Me

I tried controlling my eating habits for a long time.  I finally just stopped being intentional about it and simply tried to not overindulge.  And then several months ago, I succumbed to the habit of emotional eating due to some circumstances in my life.  So I gained over 20 pounds, and became physically weak and […]

Learning to Walk Away

It is so easy to get caught up in a heated argument and say things you wished weren’t said later.  I have a good desire of taking the higher road in a conversation, monitoring my responses to fit my intentions, and show a loving heart in spite of what the other person says.  It doesn’t […]

A New Way of Cooking

I have had a lifetime of struggling with food.  At times it seemed like food was my enemy.  I either consumed it with pleasure and abandonment, or I tried to control my need for it.  By this I mean my desire to use it for coping with stress, treating myself as some form of reward, […]

Purposeful Living

If I don’t keep a careful watch on myself, my days can seem dull and directionless.  The tediousness of waking up each morning and doing the same things I did yesterday, but all over again with little twists of change can put me in mind of Ecclesiastes.  “What has been will be again, what has […]

Choosing Words Carefully

How does a person convey what they want in such a way that the best results are achieved, and everyone is at peace with one another?  This is a continuing problem for me as a project manager for  remodeling projects.  I have the vision of what the finished job needs to look like.  Several components […]

Tedious Details

My life is boring.  All I do is make myself get up and go to work.  This takes some doing as my bed is comfortable, and my body doesn’t want to move.  But the necessity of visiting the bathroom gives me the urgency to stumble in that direction. Ahhh…my stomach propels me to the kitchen.  […]